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Ronald Reagan Statues……Overdue Tributes

FROM THE US:  Residents of Britain and Western Europe in the early and mid 1980s and beyond were treated to a non-stop diatribe about President Reagan’s’ “failings.”  He was a warmonger, a dangerous idealog, an idiot, an uneducated “B” movie actor.  According to the wisdom of newspapers, television and comedy shows he was risking World War III.  Thirty years later he his honored with statues in both Budapest and London.  Sweet vindication.
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Ezra Klein: The Face of the Enemy Within

FROM THE US:  Ezra Klein is an employee of the Washington Post.  The American Press is protected by the Constitution as a necessary public service as watchdog against government excess.   The press supposedly brings sunshine to secrecy and intrigue. In hiring Klein the Post is abusing its freedoms, and its responsibilities, to sow the seeds that will destroy the Republic.

Klein is a 26 year old with no recorded job history other than serving on Howard Dean’s Presidential primary campaign in 2003.  A failure of huge proportions.  Klein was (and is) a prolific blog writer who caught the attention of the Washington Post editors.  They hired him as a “blogger” on economics and politics in 2009.  His articles are now carried by newspapers across America.
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