Ezra Klein: The Face of the Enemy Within

FROM THE US:  Ezra Klein is an employee of the Washington Post.  The American Press is protected by the Constitution as a necessary public service as watchdog against government excess.   The press supposedly brings sunshine to secrecy and intrigue. In hiring Klein the Post is abusing its freedoms, and its responsibilities, to sow the seeds that will destroy the Republic.

Klein is a 26 year old with no recorded job history other than serving on Howard Dean’s Presidential primary campaign in 2003.  A failure of huge proportions.  Klein was (and is) a prolific blog writer who caught the attention of the Washington Post editors.  They hired him as a “blogger” on economics and politics in 2009.  His articles are now carried by newspapers across America.

It is the miracle of America that young people with vision and purpose may create their own career paths.  That Klein could make a living expressing his views and politics is a marvelous wonderment and a tribute to the capitalistic Republic that is the United States.  That he is hired by a newspaper to espouse his views is dangerous.

Ezra Klein had early ambitions to be a politician.  He changed his mind: “I think the creation of a media environment that can sustain and propel progressivism is more important than any single elected official.”  In other words, the manipulation of news and information to support a single political cause.  And a major US newspaper hired him.  Why?  Perhaps in a young Klein they can influence political change?  There is not a totaliritarian dictator in the world who would find fault in this arrangement.

In 2007 Klein created a group called Journolist for discussing politics and the news media.  This was a closed and secretive group limited to “several hundred left-leaning bloggers, political reporters, magazine writers, policy wonks and academics.”  It was a successful conspiracy until it was exposed in 2009.  Klein justified excluding Republicans from participating as the group was “not about fostering ideology but preventing a collapse into flame war.  The emphasis is on empiricism, not ideology.”  Given his ambition to create a media environment to promote progressive ideas, this is an outrageous lie.

Klein is a clever and manipulative writer.   He supports his agenda in quoting “experts.”  For example, in an article published carried by the Tampa Tribune on February 3rd he quotes a Stanford University professor who is upset that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell called for Obama to be a one term President.  Essentially the professor implied the President was a company CEO and that it was everyone’s responsibility to ensure his success.  Overlooking, of course, the efforts to demonize, defeat and undermine Republican Presidents Reagan and Bush.

In the same article, Klein claimed we have a legislative system “built for a political system for another time.”  “We are going to need one adapted to the realities of our present.”   This is code language to bemoan that Congress will not, or cannot, enact change fast enough.  It refuses to accept the brilliance of the Constitution.  Designed to ensure that the majority cannot inflict harm on the minority.

Klein is deserving of any reward his writing can bring.  That he is employed by a newspaper to cover economic and political comment is an affront.  His articles are not accompanied by the disclaimer “the writer’s views are his own.”  So we must assume the Washington Post no longer believes the Constitution is relevant to current social and political discourse.  If this is true a major media outlet has become the enemy within.


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